About us

MoonSols is a private information security start-up specialized on passive and active protective intelligence using tailored technologies and services delivering a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals around the world.

Actual methods of defensive mechanisms such as anti-virus are inefficient against modern complex threats that are targeting Fortune 500 companies. We are entering in a new decade where technology deeply changed all our habits, as well as in our personal sphere but also in our professional sphere. Managing information of your employees and non-employees becomes more and more challenging, and this sometimes opens new doors to intruders who will come and go without everybody noticing.

For a full list of our passive and active protective intelligence services, please view the our services page.

Our mission: Educating, and responding against those threats.

Our Partners

We’re called partners, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Together, we change the world to create a place where each of us can be ourselves and feel safe. And we hold each other to that standard.