Application Security

Our mission

As well as identifying active threats, we can also identify passive threats and assist your company during its development process and software architecture to find potential security flaws.

MoonSols can audit your applications for ISO/IEC TS 17961:standard compliance.

We deliver application security services across different industries and large accounts in Middle East & Africa, and advise CISO/CTO on their Incident Response strategies.

We also collaborate with software vendors to make the IT World a safer place, such as Microsoft. Here are some of our contributions in the past:
CVE-209-2532 / MS09-050 Windows SMBv2 Command Value Vulnerability Srv2.sys

CVE-210-1895 / MS10-048 Win32k Pool Overflow Vulnerability win32k.sys

CVE-210-1896 / MS10-048 Win32k User Input Validation Vulnerability win32k.sys

CVE-210-1893 / MS10-058 Integer Overflow in Windows Networking Vulnerability tcpip.sys