June, ARTE Hackito Ergo Sum

May, INFOSEC Resources
Matthieu Suiche Reveals His Process for Security Research

April, Europe 1
Apple traque t’il ses utilisateurs ?

April, Europe 1
Les hackers sont (aussi) vos amis ?

April, Nouvel Obs
Qui sont les hackers de ?

February, Security Defense Business Review

January, NetworkWorld
Quirky moments at Black Hat DC

November, Comunique-se
Security Leaders reúne os maiores hackers e especialistas do Brasil e do mundo
October, Mark Russinovich’s Blog
LiveKd for Virtual Machine Debugging

September, PC World Vietnam
Hội thảo bảo mật SyScan: Nhiều chủ đề hấp dẫn

August, Reuters
Microsoft to thank Google researcher for privately reporting Windows bugs

August, Symantec
Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

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