MoonSols HyperTaskMgr
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MoonSols HyperTaksMgr is a new generation Task Manager for IT Professionals to manage Windows Virtual Machines running under Microsoft Hyper-V R2 Hypervisor. HyperTaskMgr is running on the host, it’s easily deployable (One executable and one dll in total). You don’t need to install anything inside the target windows virtual machines.

MoonSols LiveCloudKd
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MoonSols’ LiveCloudKd also allows you to run the Kd and WinDbg from the Microsoft Debugging Tools Package – locally on the host machine – but not for your live system but for all Virtual Machines running in Microsoft Hyper-V R2. It makes it possible to execute all the debugger’s commands that work during the analyzis of a Microsoft crash dump. This includes writing commands – Which makes also possible to modify the memory (code, kernel structures …) of a running Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

MoonSols DumpIt
This utility is used to generate a physical memory dump of Windows machines. It works with both x86 (32-bits) and x64 (64-bits) machines.
The raw memory dump is generated in the current directory, only a confirmation question is prompted before starting.
Perfect to deploy the executable on USB keys, for quick incident responses needs.

MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit
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MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit is the ultimate toolkit for memory dump conversion and acquisition on Windows. This toolkit had been designed to deal with various types of memory dumps such as VMWare memory snapshot, Microsoft crash dump and even Windows hibernation file.

MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit had been designed to deal with Microsoft Windows hibernation file (from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7 in both 32-bits and 64-bits (x64) Editions), Microsoft full memory crashdump (in both 32-bits and 64-bits (x64) Editions), and raw memory dump files (from memory acquisition tools like win32dd or win64dd, or Virtualization application like VMWare). Moreover, MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit also contains new version of win32dd and win64dd.

MoonSols dinfo
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dinfo utility helps IT Administrator to display information (including generated password) from files generated with Windows 2008 R2 djoin utility.

WinDbg Script to display global callbacks
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WinDbg Script to display Windows Services
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  8. Marco

    I’m looking for silent options of DumpIt without any keys to press and automatic closing.
    Does someone is able to tell me how to do it?

  9. msuiche

    Hi Marco,

    You’d need to have the version 2, MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit to access such options.


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