Our mission

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and businesses are becoming more and more reliant on information systems. At MoonSols, we truly appreciate this and understand that businesses are continually working towards ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. Unfortunately, criminals are developing new techniques to exploit technical vulnerabilities in an effort to steal and exploit intellectual property or customer data.

Our approach

To help our customers we have two approaches, the first one is to provide passive and active protective intelligence (PI) via free online resources a such as articles, our research papers and technology to assist them in learning more about what and how to defend themselves but also with private training courses on advanced technical threats and attacks delivered for the same purposes.
Our second approach is to directly assist and help our customers by providing support for our technology, dedicated technical advising and incident response services.

“Determining who was responsible for conducting an attack is important, especially if there is to be some sort of military operation directed against the guilty party or an attempt to bring the perpetrator to justice in a court of law. But focusing investigative efforts solely on identifying the perpetrator is not always useful in preventing future attacks and saving lives, which is the goal of PI.

Practitioners of protective intelligence carefully study the tactics, trade-craft and behavior associated with militant actors involved in terrorist attacks, threatening criminals. By understanding how attacks are conducted - i.e., the exact steps and actions required for a successful attack - measures can then be taken to proactively identify early indicators that planning for an attack is under way. Even before it is known who is involved in the activity, the fact someone is undertaking such efforts can be identified.”

- STRATFOR Global Intelligence.

Our services

For a full list of our online resources, please view the our resources page.
For a full list of our training courses, please view the our training page.

MoonSols can also provide high-end services such as

  • Incident response*
  • Technical and strategic advising
  • Application security

* Please note that such specific services shall be provided on specific bases inside a strictly designed legal perimeter regarding the material handled.