Our mission

MoonSols provides training courses for different levels of expertise. At the moment highly technical training is only delivered to advanced technical experts to identify key people in governments and companies.

Booking and more information can be provided.

One training course is available at the moment:
- Advanced Physical Memory Acquisition and Analysis for Microsoft Windows

Two versions:

  • A 2-day course (introduction version) is given only in public conferences; this version is mainly a theoretical course. These training courses have been delivered in various countries (U.S.A, Singapore, The Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, etc.) to governmental and corporate (Antivirus companies, consultants, etc.) audiences.
  • A 5-day course (in-depth version) is now available for private institutions. This edition of the training had been created because most of students who attended to the short version wanted to learn more and have more practical hand-labs exercises.

Training is based on MoonSols public products, and designed to teach to experts how advanced and targeted attacks work in order to significantly improve incident response expertise.

A free version of MoonSols products related to the course is going to be provided to attendees, such as MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit and a beta of MoonSols Memory Analysis product. These products are described in a later section of the following document.

Price is available on request. The in-depth version is described in the next section of this document.

At the end of the 5-day training course, attendees will be certified “MoonSols Windows Memory Incident Response Expert”.


Please refer to downloadable our brochure for additional information.